Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 61: Ghosts of Our Past

Episode Page on Archive

Did you think this was finished?

This episode combines a newly made collage and something from the archives I don’t think I’ve officially released. Major themes of the first half of the episode include the closing of K-Mart, represented by old store recordings, and the YouTube series Petscop.

Samples used include:
Xyzqwa show intro (“Not Making People Cry” episode)
Madhouse Live intro, Carlito calls KMart (A Group of Like Minded Men, Feb. 3, 2018)
My Fair, My Dark – Ida
French Catalog (Three Variations on the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel) – Brian Eno
Together We Will Live Forever – Clint Mansell
Petscop Audio/Music (including Petscop Even Care Recreation by Fred Stoyva)

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