Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 66: Dancing Among the Waves

Some music to go along with some late-night radio frequency scanning (FM, AM, and some shortwave but nothing was found there so back to AM).

Episode Page

Songs/samples used:

“Gloomy Sunday” – Paul Whiteman with Johnnny Hauser
“When I Can’t Sleep” – Pascal Pinion
“Girls” – Death in Vegas
MonotoneTim Clip “Installing Windows ME”
“Love on a Real Train” – Tangerine Dream
“Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Noir Desir” – Vive la Fete
“Ciel Ouvert” – Yello
“When Company Comes” – The Feelies
“Our Lips are Sealed” – Fuxa
“Let’s Go” – The Feelies
“I Love You” – Climax Blues Band

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