Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 70: The Sound of the Rain


Internet Archive Link

This 70th episode was created on the spur of a moment the evening of 10 September, 2011.

This one is dedicated to Brittany, who came up with the series’ title in the first place, all those years ago.


Golden Sun The Lost Age “Remembrance”
John Hopkins “A Drifting Up”
Blank & Jones – “Breezin'”
Audio from Coast to Coast AM w/Art Bell from 30 October, 1993 “Ghost to Ghost”
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST “Twilight in Dreamland”
DJ Disse “A Walk on the Wild Side”
Various Police Scanner recordings
Nickel Creek — “First and Last Waltz”
An unknown track by DJ Krush
From the audiobook for “Ultimate History of Video Games”
Corpse Rider – “Wolves in Tin Speakers” Album (Track 5)
“Track 03” unknown artist
John Hopkins “Small Memory”
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST – “Daemon’s Court”
Audio from an instructional tape about CB Radios
Alan Watts “The Sound of the Rain Needs No Translation”
“Used to” by Omnivore

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