Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 77: Don’t Close Your Eyes


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After doing a Radio Free Caemlyn Project episode last night discussing House of Leaves, I was reading parts of the book and decided to record myself reading the end of Johnny Truant’s narration. I then decided to mix that into a new sound collage.

Here’s what’s included in this sound collage:

“Weightless” – Marconi Union
Atonal drones and pads from Ghosthackery
Clip from MonotoneTim’s first radio show episode, No Soap Radio
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” – Cranes
Mothersbaugh’s Canon, from The Royal Tenenbaums
Passage from House of Leaves, read by me.
“Bless You (The Zen Master’s Diary)” – Darshan Ambient
“White Bur” – Aphex Twin
“All I Bring is Love” – Diane Cluck
“Fly Away” – Poe
Clips from THX-1138
“Breezin'” – Blank and Jones
“Colouration” – Blue States
A Dalek asking if you’d like some tea, from Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks
“A Drifting Up” – Jon Hopkins

Thank you for listening.

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