Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 98: This Is Not the End


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We’re nearing that 100th episode milestone. This time, instead of rehashing old content, this episode features new music loops and audio clips.

This episode includes:

Kate Bush “Nocturne”
Carbon Based Life Forms “Hydroponic Garden”
Miranda July “WSNO”
Cultdom Collective Episode 357
Prank calls from the PLA (“Flushing the Christmas Tree” and “Package Delivery – How Dare You”)
War on Drugs – “Eyes to the Wind”
Calliope Musicals – “This is Not the End”
Eduard Artemiev – “Solaris (Original Soundtrack”
Dan Deacon – “USA III Rail”
Dan Deacon – “USA (Adult Swim Singles 2013)”
Koichi Sugiyama – Dragon Quest Overture
TARDIS Materialization sound effect, Doctor Who

Please enjoy and thank you for listening!

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