Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 100: The Truth Is All There Is


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Here we are, the big 100th episode milestone. Let’s get to the playlist.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra – “White Mischief”, “Music For a Found Harmonium”, “Rosalosis”
Various BBC Sound Effects (Doorbell, Door Opening/Closing, Washing Up, Phone SFX, Cathedral ambience, Alarm Clock Ticking, Clock Striking 6, TV Being Crushed, Window Breaking, Brick Wall Destroyed)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps”
Alan Watts lecture – “What Did You Forget”
Cross Record – “Steady Waves”
Tangerine Dream – “Song of the Whale Part 1: From Dawn”
Joe Frank – “God”
Boards of Canada – “Music is Math”
Handsome Boy Modeling School – “The Truth (ft. Roisin of Moloko & J-Live)”
Tangerine Dream – “Song of the Whale Part 2: To Dusk”
Yuri Kane – “Right Back (Original Mix)”

Please enjoy and thank you for listening.

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