Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 107: Altered States


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This collage was a result of me just messing around with some songs, changing the pitch and speed, and stringing the songs together, as a sort of mixtape. In the last bit I switch over to more of a standard sound collage. The fade out at the end is a bit abrupt, I admit.

Here’s the playlist:
Bleach intro “Shoujo S” – Scandal (Rand Edit)
“I’m In a Hurry (To Get Things Done)” – Alabama (Rand Edit)
“Lucky Star” – Madonna (Rand Edit)
Phone Losers of America prank call: RBCP Car Ding Call: Time Travel Experiments (Rand Edit)
“I am a Mirror” – Alan Parsons Project (Rand Edit)
“Blind Drive” – from the Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni OST (PS Vita) (Rand Edit)
“Dire Dire Docks” – Kojo Kondo (Super Mario 64 OST)
Richard Burnish Excerpt from a Jesus Chatline episode
“Dreams” – Cranberries
Level 2 theme, Rainer, from the Petscop OST
“All I Ask” – Filo & Peri ft. Fisher (Album Mix)
“Opalin” – Aes Dana

Please enjoy and thank you for listening.

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