Lunchtime Rambles With Rand 3


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On this episode, I’m not technically on lunch break as I was off work yesterday. However, I did record an episode live on location at a landing point alongside one of the main rivers that passes through town. On this episode, I discuss NC Governor Cooper’s mask order and who is and isn’t enforcing it. I also discuss some local history about the river/lake I was near at that point. There’s also this episode’s prerequisite Doctor Who mention, as I briefly review Big Finish’s latest Eighth Doctor story, “Stranded 1”.

Backing music in this episode includes:

“Wolkenreise” – Eroc
“Hayling” – FC Kahuna
“Peace & Friendship” – Nouri
“Starbound” – Atlantean
“Circa Forever (Rapid Eye’s Chillseeking Remix” – Rapid Eye

Thank you for listening.

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