Rand al’Thor

Rand is the creator and main host of the now-defunct “The RaT Project” podcast, which discussed video games, tech, and sci-fi. He is also the creator and main host of the “Marble Operator” podcast, which is a fan podcast about the YouTube series “Marble Hornets”, as well as “TribeTwelve”, “Dark Harvest”, and “The Andersen Journals”. He is also the creator and main host of the “Radio Free Caemlyn” podcast, which features all manner of content, including “Friday Night Trivia”, SCP entries, creepypasta readings, and the newly added “On This Day” series. “Radio Free Caemlyn” is also presented as an online radio station on Mixlr. Rand’s latest series is Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand, which is a series of sound collages, layers of music loops and sound clips.

Marble Operator Co-Hosts:

Rion, aka KissofJudas








Friday Night Trivia Regulars:

Dave AC: Perfect attendance; also a wine aficionado. Co-host of Cultdom Collective and Doctor Who Podshock.

Ian “The6thDoctor”: Co-host of Cultdom Collective.

Megan “MysteryM”: Ian’s wife. Fan of anagrams.

Perry G: Our man from NASA, and our resident fry cook.

Jeff “The7thDoctor: Milk-aficionado and resident librarian.

“Cuddly” Ken: Our friend from California, well familiar with the Gallifrey One conventions.

Cobo 4747: Mountain Dew fan. Also mixes his Dews.

DarthSkeptical: Still a mystery after all these years.

Louis Trapani: Co-creator and host of the Doctor Who Podshock podcast, and Gallifreyan Embassy website.





As of the end of 2018, the only social media I use is Mastodon, and you can find me here: Mastodon

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