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What with so much going on and in the planning stages for Radio Free Caemlyn, I thought it only fair that I post something detailing these various plans.

First of all, I’m doing a weekly live show called “The Radio Free Caemlyn Project”. The name is a combination of Radio Free Caemlyn and my original (and now defunct) podcast series The RaT Project. It’s also a combination of those formats, resulting in a live show where I discuss whatever comes to mind. I’ve also got the idea of doing the radio style shows I did about a decade ago, where I’d play music sets interspersed with brief discussion segments. I plan on doing these either Saturday nights or maybe on Friday nights when Trivial is postponed.

My sound collage series, Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand, is still ongoing. My plan was to do one of those weekly, but given the amount of time it takes to make one, that’s not all that feasible. Maybe once fortnightly instead. Either way, I’ve now got 82 made and posted.

Friday Night Trivial is going strong, each Friday night at 9pm EDT (or EST, whichever time of the year it is). If you’d like to join, show up and call (605) 562-0444 if you’re in the states, or just launch the Chrome web browser and visit us at TalkShoe ID 72402. Currently 23 episodes done and posted.

I’ve even just started a subseries, currently just a fork of The Radio Free Caemlyn Project, though I’m working on a title for that as a standalone series, which focuses on the YouTube series Petscop, which has just recently posted its five latest videos, bringing its total video count to 21. I plan on doing one video per episode, and am looking for cohosts for future episodes, recreating the format I did on the Marble Operator podcast. In a way, this will be a spiritual successor to Marble Operator; at least, that’s what I hope.

That’s all I’m currently working on for podcasts. There are other ideas I have in mind, in the pipeline. I’ve long wanted to do a show sort of like The Phone Show that the Phone Losers used to do, specifically the idea of doing a live call-in free-for-all, where we talk about whatever, no set topic. That’s the idea that I tried to replace the original Friday Night Trivial with, but it failed.

Also, I’ve revived my podcast feeds. After seeing Brad Carter’s video on what podcasts he listens to, I’ve revived and repurposed old podcast feeds. Check the stickied post on this blog for the appropriate URLs so you can subscribe to my podcasts in whatever podcast app/client you use. I’ll be posting new content to their appropriate feeds and to the Internet Archive.

Anyway, that’s a behind-the-scenes look at everything I’m currently working on for podcasts, and ideas I have for future projects. As always, thank you for listening to my podcasts. I never think I’m that interesting, but it’s neat to see that so many people like listening to what I produce. I have fun making and producing this content, and am glad people enjoy it.

The Radio Free Caemlyn Project 9: The Petscop Files 1


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Today I’m launching a new subseries on Radio Free Caemlyn, focusing on the YouTube series Petscop. After recording yesterday’s episode, I realized I should probably do a Marble Operator approach to the series, and discuss each episode separately, thus this series. I’m considering adding co-hosts to future episodes, so, if interested, drop me a line.

In this episode, I introduce the series and discuss the first video, “Petscop”.

Thank you for listening!

The Radio Free Caemlyn Project 8: Petscop Mania!


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The Petscop channel on YouTube had an amazing day today with five new video uploads throughout this Easter Sunday. The blitz was hyped two weeks ago with a change of channel avatar to a pastel-colored Easter egg, and hints of an Easter egg hunt being finished.

Here at Radio Free Caemlyn, I deemed it time to relaunch my own investigation into the series. In this episode, I take a look at the newest batch of videos (17-21).


Podcast Feeds!

I’ll keep this post updated as necessary, but here are some links you can add to your podcast app to keep updated on my various podcasts!

First is Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand, my sound collage series.

Second is the main Radio Free Caemlyn feed. This is where all the live shows, such as Friday Night Trivial and Radio Free Caemlyn Project, are done.

Third is Friday Night Trivial. As I type this there’s nothing there, but I plan on posting archives of the old Friday Night Trivia as well as the current Friday Night Trivial shows there.

Next is Marble Operator, the podcast I did covering the YouTube series Marble Hornets, Dark Harvest, TribeTwelve, and MLAndersen.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 82: Running to the Sound of Thunder


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Latest entry in my sound collage series. Created on a rainy Sunday morning.


BBC Sound Effects Library
–Weather, Rain, Thunder, Vehicles, Traffic
Alan Watts
Atmospheric Pads and Atonal Drones from Ghosthack
“Cauldron” album excerpts, by Fifty Foot Hose
“Dayvan Cowboy” – Boards of Canada
[Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- OST] Prelude of the Valkyries (PS Vita Game)
Various Conet Project recordings
BLIND DRIVE (FULL) from Valkyrie Drive – Bhikkhuni
“Secret Ninja Art of Love” – from the Senran Kagura: Bon Apetit OST (PS Vita Game)