Friday Night Trivial 6: The Floody Boat Edition


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Friday Night Trivial episode six aired Friday night, 13 July, 2018, just a couple days before the Doctor Who series 11 trailer dropped.

Lord Quizmaster Rand al’Thor hosted, joined by DaveAC, Ian The6thDoctor, Megan MysteryM, and Louis Trapani.

Friday Night Trivial airs each Friday night at 9pm EDT, TalkShoe ID 72402. There’s a TalkShoe redesign about to launch, which will force a rethink of Trivia’s design, and how to join, so stay tuned for more details.

Friday Night Trivial 4: Behind the Scenes

Now for a rare look at my own material for Friday Night Trivial, in particular the latest episode. Now, a tradition for me is to write all of my material by hand in a composition book. This goes back to the beginning of the original Trivia (although back then I was using large sheets of printer paper), and I would keep track of points by hand, too. This just made things easier for me to manage than relying on Notepad++ or web browsers or whatever. Just have everything there, in s physical form, less of a hassle.

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Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 67: The Dying of the Light


The latest episode of my ongoing sound collage series. This one began in response to Ian The6thDoctor discussing, during a Friday Night Trivial preshow, having made some music loops for a project. So I made some new music loops, and made some more, and layered those, and repeated those, and layered those, and took old audio samples, and layered those in, and created something entirely new.

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