Friday Night Trivial 26: The Doing It Sober Yo Edition


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Rand is joined by DaveAC, Megan MysteryM, and Ian The6thDoctor. Rounds tonight include Famous Illinoisans, Spot the Non-Book, Billboard Chart-Topping Anagrams, and This Week in Music History.

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Radio Free Caemlyn Presents: The Petscop Files #3


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We delve further into the Newmaker Plane and the underground with “Petscop 3”, the third video in the series. Things to remember: the cataloging system for the children, the color-coding system, and some creepy, cryptic messages from an as-of-yet unknown author.

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Radio Free Caemlyn Presents: The Petscop Files #2


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Our discussion of the YouTube series “Petscop rolls on with the second video, “Petscop 2”.

As always, part of my approach is to treat the series as if I’m watching it for the first time, not referencing elements from episodes beyond where I’m currently at. This is to also help first-time viewers of Petscop, and not ruin any future surprises.

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