Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 77: Don’t Close Your Eyes


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After doing a Radio Free Caemlyn Project episode last night discussing House of Leaves, I was reading parts of the book and decided to record myself reading the end of Johnny Truant’s narration. I then decided to mix that into a new sound collage.

Here’s what’s included in this sound collage:

“Weightless” – Marconi Union
Atonal drones and pads from Ghosthackery
Clip from MonotoneTim’s first radio show episode, No Soap Radio
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” – Cranes
Mothersbaugh’s Canon, from The Royal Tenenbaums
Passage from House of Leaves, read by me.
“Bless You (The Zen Master’s Diary)” – Darshan Ambient
“White Bur” – Aphex Twin
“All I Bring is Love” – Diane Cluck
“Fly Away” – Poe
Clips from THX-1138
“Breezin'” – Blank and Jones
“Colouration” – Blue States
A Dalek asking if you’d like some tea, from Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks
“A Drifting Up” – Jon Hopkins

Thank you for listening.

Friday Night Trivial 21: The Socratic Irony Edition


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Season two of Friday Night Trivial began tonight, the first Friday of March 2019. Rand “Lord Quizmaster” al’Thor was joined by DaveAC, Megan MysteryM, Ian The6thDoctor, and newcomer Rapport. This week’s rounds include Common Threads, In Case You Missed It, Philosophical Terms, and This Week in Music History (US/UK Edition).

Thank you everyone who showed up, and everyone who listens.

The Return of Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day


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In what has historically been known as “a really bad idea”, I’ve brought back a podcast project I began several years ago and, to the surprise of no one, abandoned. The project is “Radio Free Caemlyn’s On This Day”, a daily podcast that reviews historical notes and famous birthdays. The plan was to do one episode for each day of the year.

We’ll see how far this project goes. For starters, today’s episode is linked above.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 74: For the Last Time


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Here’s my first sound collage for 2019. I’ve had this one sitting and waiting in Audition for about two weeks.

This episode includes:

Local scanner recordings.
“Ole Ole” – Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra
Atonal drones from Ghosthack
Old Wax Cylinder recordings, courtesy of the Internet Archive
A track called “Abstractions”, I can’t remember the artist
Loops from “Tomorrow”, by Chandeen
“Autobahn” by Kraftwerk
“Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack
Loops from “Shadow” by Chromatics
Audio from Petscop
“Down is the New Up” by Radiohead
Prank calls from the Phone Losers of America

Thank you for listening.