Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 63: Traveling to Nowhere

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Trying a new approach with this collage, inspired by something I heard on Shoutcast the other night: I was browsing the directory, and found a station called “Radio Emily”, only labeled as a college radio station. They were playing ambient sounds, of traffic and human culture, mixed with ambient music. That led to this collage.

Will add a playlist of music used at a later date.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 62: Chaos is the Road to Wonder

Listen to it here!

I’ve just completed episode 62 of Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand. First of all, thanks to RBCP of the Snow Plow Show for playing an excerpt from SAFTWR episode 37. That was really neat to hear.

So here is episode 62. I started work on this this past Saturday evening and had a bunch of audio clips but not much in the way of music, so I put the project on hold until tonight, being the final night of April, 2018. I’ll close out the old month and open the new with a new collage.

Here’s a run-down of samples used:

“Lost for Words” — Pink Floyd
Excerpt from end of Snow Plow Show episode 459: “Sunday Night Homeowners”

From Jadusable/Haunted Majora’s Mask “TheTruth.rtf”
“Turn Down Day” — Cyrkle
“Stand Up Be Strong” — Shiro Sagisu (from a Bleach OST)
“Main Street Electric Parade” – Disneyland
“She’s a Rainbow” — Rolling Stones
DragNet intro
“Death is the Road to Awe” — Clint Mansell
Intro to the first episode of the radio show “Quiet Please”, episode called “Nothing Behind the Door”
“Hey Survivor” — Blank and Jones
Clip from episode one of the YouTube series “Petscop”
Interview clip from David Lynch, talking about ideas
Beethoven piece. Can’t find it in my folders again to put a name to it
I talk about discovering the Phone Losers back in late 2012
I talk about how I started doing podcasts back in 2005
“How to CB”, discussing Citizen’s Band radio
“Steppin’ Out” — Joe Jackson
Intro to an early Radio Free Caemlyn episode, back when it was called Radio Rand al’Thor and used the RaT Project Live intro. No full episodes of The RaT Project remain on the Internet.
“We Will Fall Together” — Streetlight Manifesto
Clip from Monty Python’s “Trivializing the War” sketch
Shortwave recordings
Loop of Unhappiness from Marble Hornets
“Only You” — Yazoo
“Mr. Blue” — Yazoo
Marble Operator intro
“A to Fade In (Adorable Cover)” — Broken Little Sister

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 61: Ghosts of Our Past

Episode Page on Archive

Did you think this was finished?

This episode combines a newly made collage and something from the archives I don’t think I’ve officially released. Major themes of the first half of the episode include the closing of K-Mart, represented by old store recordings, and the YouTube series Petscop.

Samples used include:
Xyzqwa show intro (“Not Making People Cry” episode)
Madhouse Live intro, Carlito calls KMart (A Group of Like Minded Men, Feb. 3, 2018)
My Fair, My Dark – Ida
French Catalog (Three Variations on the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel) – Brian Eno
Together We Will Live Forever – Clint Mansell
Petscop Audio/Music (including Petscop Even Care Recreation by Fred Stoyva)

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 60: The Eternal Now

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This may be my first sound collage for 2018, created here in the last half of February. This is the first sound collage I’ve made since migrating content over to the Internet Archive, where this episode will debut. This is a meditation. This is a pause to think, to consider, to rethink, to pontificate. To think in silence and solace.

A thank you to everyone who has been listening since the Great Migration to Internet Archive began.

A list of sources sampled, maybe not in a correct chronological order, follows. It’s an attempt to document what happened tonight.


“The Wider Sun” – Jon Hopkins (“Insides” album)
Jack Kerouac reads from “On the Road”
“From the Beginning” – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (“Trilogy” album)
“Away” – Gurban Abbasli
Japanese lesson, from Masafumi Takeda, my Japanese professor from Western Carolina University
“Tomorrow” – Chandeen featuring Anji Bee (“Teenage Poetry” album)
“Lena Beamish” – Miranda July (“Binet-Simon Test” album)
“Transcending Duality” – Alan Watts
Unknown file, simply titled “a thing”
“I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” – Moody Blues (“Sur la Mer” album)
“Question” – Moody Blues (“Question of Balance” album)
“Voices in the Sky” = Moody Blues (“In Search of the Lost Chord” album)
“An Attempt to Tip the Scales” – Bright Eyes (“Fevers and Mirrors” album)
“Kaze No Ne (Sound of the Wind)” – Kumi Tanioka (“Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles” (GCN) Soundtrack (Title Theme))
“Please switch off the TV” – old BBC bumper
The sound of two black holes colliding (via NASA)
“Refuge” – David Wax Museum (“Knock Knock Get Up” album)
“The Problem” – Lambchop (“No You C’mon” album)
“Ghost of Future a Future Lost” – Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet (“Requiem for a Dream” album)
“Who Knows Where the Time Goes” – Sylvie Simmons
“Steady Waves” – Cross Record (“Wabi-Sabi” album)
“There are No People in the Future” – Artist Unknown
“Gemini” – Boards of Canada (“Tomorrow’s Harvest” album)
“Earth People” – Dr. Octagon (“Dr. Octagonecologyst” album)

Dedicated to the mad ones.

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 58: A Time to Begin

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The 58th episode of my sound collage series has been made and posted, although it isn’t really the 58th episode, that’s just a lie, as I start and never finish a lot of sound collages all the time; I make short segments, small collections of loops and layers and sounds and thoughts and ideas and everything, creations that never make it out of my computer except in my mind.

Loops include:

Cheap Trick – Say Goodbye
Various Nintendo eShop music
Miranda July and Lena Bearmish – Binet-Simon Test
Cultdom Collective intro
Original CIA Intro
Original Friday Night Trivia Intro
2013 Friday Night Trivia Intro
Random Rab – Apparently [the predominant paint on the canvas this episode]

Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 56: Through Tears

It’s my 56th sound collage, and my first for 2017. Please enjoy.

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Playlist for SAFTWR 56

Mogwai – 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) from Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story”
Julee Cruise – The World Spins
Dirge Without Music by Edna St Vincent Millay
David Lynch talking about ideas
Brian Eno – French Catalogues
Friends of Dean Martinez – The Warmth of the Sun
Coldplay – Trouble
“Bill Nye Challenge” from the No Agenda podcast (Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak)
Jack Kerouac “October in the Railroad Earth”
Brian Eno “2-2” from Music for Airports
Poe – “Fly Away”
stuff from my private recordings that no one will ever hear in their entirety
Lewd Sums by adb6gqpe
Aphex Twin – White Blur
Boards of Canada – Nothing is Real
Aphex Twin – Mould
Blue Velvet (movie, 1986) intro
Boards of Canada – Triangles and Rhombuses
Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Air – Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi
Cisco Hold Music
Tangerine Dream Hyperborea
Cross Record – Steady Waves
Boards of Canada – Over the Horizon Radar
Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries
Boards of Canada – Collapse
Fen Swale – Circles and a Starry Sky