Super Awesome Fun Time With Rand 34: Together We’ll Plan to Live Forever

On this Christmas Day, 2015, I created and posted my 34th sound collage. What follows is a playlist of all the samples and tracks used.

Direct Download

Satellite of Love ambient noise (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Tori Amos – Frog on My Toe
“In a Prominent Bar in Syracuse One Day”, a poem by X. J. Kennedy
“Seeing Color For the First Time”, audio sample of kids in ’70s seeing color TV for the first time
Clint Mansell – Summer Overture
“I really wish there was some kind of plan,” Marble Operator co-host Erica S.
“I don’t really believe in standard sexualized pigeonholes” – unknown
Alan Watts talking about desire and Buddhism
“The Parade”, a poem by Billy Collins
“I am the hero,” Marble Operator co-host Logan
“Call in…” from Friday Night Trivia intro recordings
“Wrecking Ball stuck in my head…” Marble Operator co-host Erica
“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…” Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks
“Needle in the Hay” – Elliott Smith
Marble Operator calls After the Tone
“I have seen the face of god” – Network
“Dave’s not here” – Cheech and Chong
Recording from the local scanner
“With You” – I Fight Dragons (loop courtesy of RBCP of the Phone Losers)
“All my lights when wiggly” DaveAC
“Belle Isle 1949”, a poem by Phillip Levine
“These things, they take time” Gabe Newell
“I don’t believe in god” – unknown
“Mould” – Aphex Twin
“Radiator” – Aphex Twin
“Let Down” – Radiohead
“Together We Will Live Forever” – Clint Mansell
“YES!” – RBCP congratulation message for joining PLA’s Patreon
“UVB 76 Forever” – Unknown
Recorded ham operator chatter from K8QED
Art Bell quitting his radio show
“Into the Night” by Julee Cruise, from Twin Peaks
“Night Life in Twin Peaks”
“Sunshine Recorder” – Boards of Canada
“Transmissions Ferox” – Boards of Canada
“Collapse” – Boards of Canada
“An Ending (Ascent)” – Brian Eno
“Farewell Fire” – Boards of Canada

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